Scenario 2: Best Practices

What went well in this video?
  • The team researched the address in advance so they were prepared for what they could potentially find.

  • They requested backup to stand by. 

  • The victim advocate knows there is a child in the home.

  • The officer and victim advocate identify themselves and ask to sit down.

  • Tammy is asked if anyone else is in the home.

  • The officer doesn't want to leave Tammy alone and asks if there is anyone else that he can call to support her.

  • Child Protection Services is advised, and wellness checks will be provided throughout the evening by law enforcement. 

What could have gone better?

  • Giving context to Tammy before asking Sergio to leave the room with the victim advocate (i.e., "We have sensitive information we would like to share with you. Can Lou take Sergio into a separate room while we talk?").

  • Asking Tammy if she'd like you to notify Sergio about Sophia's death or if she would rather do it.

Let's move on to Scenario 3.