Step 2: Preparation

Once you have gathered all of the information needed to do the trauma notification, the second step is preparing to actually deliver the trauma notification. First, know the protocols or standard operating procedures in your jurisdiction.

Second, gather as much information as possible about the NOK and their location. This news may invoke a strong response from loved ones. Have there been calls for service at this location in the past? Were they medical calls? If so, consider having an ambulance around the corner and out of sight. Were the calls for child protection? Are there officer safety issues at this location? If you were at the crime scene, make sure your uniform or clothing is free from any biohazard.  

You may want to review the frequently asked questions found in the pocket guide located in the resource section of this training (or on the mobile app) to assist in preparation. 

  1. ​Be aware of protocols or standard operating procedures within your jurisdiction​.

  2. Prepare for the NOK response​.

  3. Have there been any calls for service at the location for medical issues, child protection, domestic violence, etc.?
  4. Become familiar with the Frequently Asked Questions found in the pocket guide and app.