Applying the Four-Step Model to Various Traumatic Incidents

Such as child abuse, bank robberies, hate crimes, etc.

The four-step model can be applied to any trauma. 

  • Planning involves determining who the victim and/or their guardian is. Determine the make-up of your trauma notification team.

  • Preparing entails knowing as much as you can about the victim (medical issues, officer safety, etc.) and the location where you will be making the notification.

  • Delivery means going to the victim’s location, asking to sit down in a private space, and using a one-sentence delivery statement. For some victims, they are already aware that they have been victimized. However, you can use this process to notify of an arrest or other significant investigative updates.

  • Follow-up includes checking in with the victim or guardian after the notification, answering any questions, and providing resources.