N-DEx Helps Sheriff's Office Locate Two Felons

In late 2017, the terminal agency coordinator (TAC) with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) in Georgia searched a large batch of warrants through the FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System. The batch search yielded more than 200 hits, including:

  • One subject with a felony theft charge was wanted for failure to appear. A record from the Auburn Police Department (APD) in Alabama showed a previously unknown address for the subject, so the TAC sent an apprehension request to the APD.

  • The second subject was wanted by the TCSO for felony shoplifting. The TAC discovered that this subject was incarcerated by the Kansas Department of Corrections for a sex offense with a release date of 2030. Because of the extended incarceration time, the TAC cleared the warrant from the TCSO warrant list.

In addition to these two felony warrants, the TAC placed holds on five subjects in other jurisdictions and cleared dozens more warrants. The TAC credits the N-DEx System for the successful searches and stated, “I love your system! Housekeeping is a huge benefit, and N-DEx has given us an additional tool to make sure the work we've done is maintained until cleared.”

For more information about how your agency can use the N-DEx System to help further its investigations, contact the N-DEx Program Office at ndex@leo.gov or call 304-625-0555.

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