FBI Publishes Special Report on Hate Crime at Schools

The FBI on January 29 released a special report on hate crimes at U.S. schools for the years 2018-2022. The complete report is available on the Crime Data Explorer.

This report transcends a basic count, analyzing the occurrences and fluctuations of hate crimes reported in the school environment from 2018-2022. The report also analyzes the specific bias motivations behind these hate crimes.

Special reports from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (or UCR) Program are primarily meant to produce meaningful analysis and to highlight the utility of the data that the program collects.

The UCR Program collects and publishes data on hate crime incidents from agencies across the nation in accordance with the Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990. The program is uniquely positioned to use that data for topical areas of study, having collected three decades' worth of data. 

The most common locations of reported hate crimes in 2018-2022 were:

  1. A residence or home
  2. A highway, road, or alley
  3. A school

Hate crime in schools comprised as much as 10% of all reported hate crime offenses in the most recently analyzed year of 2022.