Ballistic Research Facility Shares Ammunition, Weapons, Ballistic Armor Test Data with Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community, Military Partners

Community of interest gives agencies access to vital data via JusticeConnect

Following the infamous 1986 Miami Firefight, in which two FBI special agents, Jerry Dove and Benjamin P. Grogan, were killed and five special agents were injured, the FBI made significant changes in selecting ammunition, weapons, and, later, body armor.

Within two years of the incident, the FBI began conducting unbiased, objective scientific research on these commodities to fully support its special agents. This initial effort transformed into what is now the world-renowned Ballistic Research Facility (BRF).

Since 1988, the BRF has conducted exhaustive research into ammunition, firearms, protective armor, and firearms accessories for FBI special agents and hundreds of other partner agencies. This information was shared with our partners through a compact disc (CD) that was mailed to the requesting agency.

Now, through the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP), BRF shares the results of its studies online, providing immediate access to this life-saving data for our partners.

The community of interest for the FBI Ballistic Research Facility serves as a "storefront" for members. Here, members can learn about the history and mission of the FBI Ballistic Research Facility, now located at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

To access the restricted-distribution ballistic data, interested partners must join the FBI Ballistic Research Facility–Ballistics Information, an access-controlled community. 

In addition to the valuable data provided, users may ask questions and/or share information with each other through the forums.

How to find the FBI Ballistic Research Facility Community of Interest in JusticeConnect:

  • Go to LEEP 
  • Click on "JusticeConnect" in the banner
  • Click on the "My Communities" tab 
  • Click "Discover"
  • In the search bar, type "Ballistic Research" 
  • Select the "FBI Ballistic Research Facility" file 

Note: The FBI Ballistic Research Facility–Ballistics Information is a restricted community. Potential state and local members must send an email to requesting access, along with a signed request on the agency’s letterhead. A sample access request letter is available on the storefront site.

Don’t have a LEEP account?

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