Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In September, the Criminal Justice Information Services Division celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC). Since 2011, RISC has been instrumental in assisting law enforcement to quickly learn more about the threat level of the individuals they encounter. As of September, 35 states, two federal agencies, and the District of Columbia submit fingerprints to RISC. 

To search RISC, officers involved in a traffic stop or other law enforcement activity capture fingerprints on a mobile identification device and submit them to RISC.  
The fingerprints are searched against a limited repository of fingerprint records within the Next Generation Identification System. The search includes the Wanted Persons Files, the National Sexual Offender Registry, the Immigration Violator File, the Threat Screening File, and the Foreign Subjects of Interest File. There are more than 3.2 million records in RISC. 

Within seconds of a fingerprint submission to RISC, an automated response is generated. The response is indicated as red, yellow, or green. A red flag indicates there is a highly probable candidate. A yellow flag indicates a possible candidate. A green flag indicates there is no candidate in RISC. The response also includes the candidate’s name and limited National Crime Information Center information with the option to request photos and rap sheets. 
Using RISC enhances investigative support and reduces the risk of mistaken identity involving individuals with biographic similarities to persons of interest.

According to a Houston Police Department patrol officer, “RISC allows us to do our jobs more efficiently and helps us to identify wanted fugitives and get them off of the street. We really enjoy having this to help us do our job.”  

Agencies can access the RISC service for free but are responsible for buying their own mobile ID devices. For guidance on how to acquire the service, contact the RISC team at