N-DEx Helps Catch Tennessee Absconders

In early 2017, a data analyst with the Office of Investigation and Compliance at the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDC) was researching probation and parole absconders. She used the FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System to conduct a batch query of hundreds of absconders’ names and identifiers. She evaluated the results of the query, primarily to determine if any of the subjects were incarcerated in other states without the TDC’s knowledge—a violation of Tennessee’s probation or parole laws. In several cases, the analyst found new charges against offenders that the TDC would ordinarily have missed due to time constraints. The analyst’s research also allowed the TDC to clear several cases by scheduling the extradition of offenders to Tennessee. “It’s a shame we haven’t had the manpower to dedicate a position just to the N-DEx results,” the analyst said.

For more information about how your agency can use the batch query feature of the N-DEx System, contact the N-DEx Program Office at ndex@leo.gov or call 304-625-0555.

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