N-DEx Facilitates South Carolina Warrant Extradition

A sergeant with the Manning (South Carolina) Police Department (MPD) initiated a seemingly routine traffic stop in February 2015. During the stop, the sergeant discovered that the driver’s license had been suspended in Tennessee. An MPD officer arrived at the scene to assist and confirmed the suspension through the South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles along with multiple other suspensions and five additional pages of negative history. Based on this discovery, the officer used his mobile device to check the FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System. The N-DEx System showed four local outstanding warrants from the City of Newberry (South Carolina) Police Department (NPD). The officer contacted the NPD and spoke to an NPD captain who was grateful that the subject had been located. The NPD captain faxed paperwork to the nearby Clarendon County (South Carolina) Detention Center, where the MPD officers were taking the subject. Without the information found in the N-DEx System, the subject may have simply been issued a citation and released.

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