Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection

To help law enforcement better understand and prevent suicides among current and former law enforcement officers—as well as corrections officers, 911 operators, judges, and prosecutors—the FBI established the Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection (LESDC).

Since January 1, 2022, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program has been accepting information on suicides and suicide attempts within the law enforcement and criminal justice communities through submissions to the LESDC.

Only law enforcement agencies can contribute data to this collection and do so via the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP). The LESDC Act provides the definition of a law enforcement agency as “a Federal, State, Tribal, or local agency engaged in the prevention, detection, or investigation, prosecution, or adjudication of any violation of the criminal laws of the United States, a State, Tribal, or a political subdivision of a state.”

Staff with the FBI’s UCR Program designed a short, user-friendly form that agencies can access to report a qualifying incident to the LESDC. The online form is divided into sections related to administrative, personal, incident, circumstance, and wellness information in which the submitter can type short phrases, select answers from a drop-down box, or select from multiple-choice options.

The personal section, for example, allows the submitter to enter information about the victim officer or former officer who attempted or died by suicide. This information includes the number of years of law enforcement experience, if a current or former employee, military experience, and marital status. The data collected does not include any information that directly identifies the individual.

To produce useful information, the LESDC needs agencies to share the data surrounding these tragic incidents.

Finding the form

To fill out an LESDC form, LEEP users should click on the LESDC services logo located on the LEEP home page and then agree to the “Terms of Service.” From there, users can provide contact information about themselves and basic information about their agency. Once users have gained access, they can complete and submit the short form.

Helpful information in the LESDC Community of Interest in JusticeConnect

Those with a LEEP account can also request access to the LESDC’s Community of Interest page by going to JusticeConnect, then to the Communities tab, clicking on “Discover,” and then typing “LESDC” into the search field. Once there, users can find helpful information about how to use the database, such as how to create a report and how to edit a report.      

Need access to LEEP or have questions about LESDC

If you don’t have a LEEP account, you can request one at

Should you have questions about the form, contact LESDC staff at