Law Enforcement Sensitive Communications

To make sharing law enforcement information easier, the FBI has created the Law Enforcement Sensitive Communications (LESC) Community of Interest in JusticeConnect.
JusticeConnect provides information sharing and partnership development for law enforcement agencies in a secure platform accessed via the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP). JusticeConnect offers tools for law enforcement organizations and personnel to share information and leverage each other’s knowledge.
The LESC Community of Interest serves as a “one-stop shop” for law enforcement intelligence and information. If law enforcement agencies need information from the FBI or other contributing agencies, LESC is where the agencies can find the information without the need for special ad hoc requests about things like advisories or intelligence reports and products. An agency can simply find LESC in LEEP and access an intelligence report or product.
What users can find and do in LESC
The current LESC subcommunities:

  • Law Enforcement Intelligence is for sensitive communications. This community contains bulletins about car theft rings, “BOLO” notices about missing persons of interest, or briefings from intelligence groups.
  • FBI Information Intelligence & Products is for intelligence products. This community contains joint agency threat assessments, cyber intelligence reports, or terrorism reports.

As with other JusticeConnect communities, LESC offers a variety of beneficial functions to users. Users can access LESC for updates, member contacts, blogs, notices, discussion forums, wikis, links to related communities, “to-do” lists, and more. LESC has helpful features like tags, bookmarks, community descriptions, file sharing, and invitations.

To share information with other agencies through LESC, email the FBI’s Office of Partner Engagement at A JusticeConnect content manager will then contact you to discuss how to proceed. To maintain the integrity of the content, LESC enforces a rule that users cannot post pass-through or third-party content without written approval from the owner of the site or content. LESC is available only to law enforcement agencies through LEEP. It is not accessible to private entities.

How law enforcement agencies can get access to LESC
Finding LESC in JusticeConnect is easy. Under the Communities tab, a user can simply click on “Discover” then type in “LESC.”
Users can join the parent LESC site and then follow LESC and request access to subcommunities. Agencies interested in learning more about JusticeConnect can read the article, Find the Missing Link with JusticeConnect, in the FBI’s blog, CJIS Link. For assistance with LEEP access or JusticeConnect, agencies can call the LEEP Help Desk at (888) 334-4536 or email