Las Vegas MPD's Search of N-DEx Identifies a Pandering Pimp

FBI Honors Agency as 2017 N-DEx Success of the Year

During a ceremony at the FBI's CJIS Division on August 29, 2017, members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were presented with the 2017 National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Success Story of the Year award for their use of the N-DEx system in a sex trafficking investigation. (From CJIS Link article)

From left to right: FBI CJIS Division Assistant Director Douglas E. Lindquist, LVMPD Investigative Specialist Stephanie Dirks, LVMPD N-DEx Trainer Alan Peto, LVMPD Support Division CJIS Manager Carmen Tarrats, LVMPD Investigative Services Division Captain Shawn Andersen, LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Thomas Roberts, and FBI CJIS Division Deputy Assistant Director Rainer S. Drolshagen

On August 29, the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division hosted the recipients of the 2017 National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Success Story of the Year. The CJIS Division chose winners who used the N-DEx System to identify an offender involved in a sex trafficking investigation. The details of the case that led to the award follow.

In January 2016, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) was working on a sex trafficking case where the victim was taken to Las Vegas, Nevada, to commit prostitution acts against her will. The pimp was known only by the nickname Glacial Proctor. When LVMPD detectives gave an investigative specialist (IS) the identifier, the IS used the information to check all of the usual systems but couldn’t find anything on the provided name. The victim was persistent that the offender had a criminal past, but the LVMPD could not locate any records. The IS then searched the name in the N-DEx System and found information that included another name—Pierre Fletcher. Family records located in the N-DEx System revealed that Pierre Fletcher was the subject’s real name, and Glacial Proctor was his alias. Fletcher had a criminal report in another state that showed he had victimized the Las Vegas woman there as well. Armed with this information, the LVMPD arrested Fletcher for two counts of sex trafficking an adult, two counts of sexual assault, and two counts of pandering an adult with force. Fletcher pled guilty to the two counts of pandering an adult with force and was sentenced to 12-30 months in the Nevada State Prison. He was credited with 160 days of time served concurrent to each count, and he served his remaining time at the High Desert State Prison in Nevada.

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