JusticeConnect Community Helps Officers Share Information About License Plates

The License Plate Community of Interest on JusticeConnect is the central location for information related to license plates for the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

The community provides a password-protected location for officers to share information, such as specifics about each state’s temporary plates, and examples of each state’s standard and specialty plates.

The community also includes a map indicating which states require front plates and which do not.

Another helpful feature for group members is a discussion area. There, officers can share helpful information about their state’s plates. They can also request assistance from other members with identifying plates that they have come across, but have been unable to identify.

How to Find the License Plate Community of Interest in JusticeConnect

  • Go to the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).
  • Scroll down and click on JusticeConnect. 
  • Click on the "Communities" dropdown.
  • Select "My Communities" from the dropdown list.
  • Click "Discover."
  • Click the "Search" button.
  • In the search bar, search for "License Plates."
  • Select the License Plates link.

Don’t have LEEP?

If you don’t have a LEEP account, you can request one at www.cjis.gov.