FBI Releases Fourth-Quarter UCR Statistics from 2022

Quarterly Uniform Crime Report data for the nation are derived from National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) reports voluntarily submitted to the FBI.

The FBI Quarterly Uniform Crime Report data release for Quarter 4, January – December 2022 was made available on March 6, 2023. This report is based on data received from 12,820 of 18,917 law enforcement agencies in the country.

The Quarter 4 release presents the number of violent and property crime offenses known to law enforcement for agencies with resident populations of 100,000 or more that also provided data from the previous year. The table can be downloaded by clicking below to download Quarterly Table Data.

Like most crime data collections within the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, coverage in the Quarterly Uniform Crime Report is based on the population served by reporting law enforcement agencies. When population coverage thresholds are met, the data represented in the Quarterly Uniform Crime Report may consist of additional downloadable data that show the percent change in offenses known to law enforcement when comparing data for the same time frame of the previous year, by population group and by region, respectively.

For the 2022 Quarter 4 release, these data trends by region and aggregate population group are not available due to limited representation by the nation’s most populous cities. When a substantial amount of data is missing—like large volumes of crime data from the nation’s most heavily populated cities—there is a general concern that the data received may not represent what would be experienced if all data were received. National crime trends are especially affected by agencies covering populations of 1,000,000 or more inhabitants. Without a minimum 60% population coverage for these most-in-population cities, the FBI is unable to make confident statements about national crime trends for the 2022 Quarter 4 data release.

You can download Quarterly Table Data from the Resources section of the FBI Crime Data Explorer.